sanjana ardhya

Sanjana & Aradhaya

The Lalit, Udaipur

Sanjana Aradhya was smiling with the background of colour
The smiley face of a couple enjoying the color props.
Sanjana is feeling turmeric with her smiley face
Couples are applying turmeric to each other face
couple throughing flowers to each other
sanjana aradhya pic
A bride watching her groom while applying turmeric and laughing .
aaradhya haldi pic jpg
The father is applying turmeric to her daughter face
A woman has brought a plate for Aaradhya to apply Roli .
Both the couples are having fun with each other after applying turmeric.
The groom has mehendi on his hand and has written the date.
The bride is posing with henna on her hands: smiling
Mehndi being applied on the bride's leg
The bride looking at her mehendi and the groom looking at his mehendi.
Pose of bride and groom after completion of mehendi
Bride and groom falling hands after mehendi pose
Bride and groom clicking pics with their friends
Smiling bride wearing jamla to the groom
The groom smilingly wearing the jamla to the bride
Bride and groom posing for smile photo after jamla completion
After the jamla was completed, the bride and groom smiled looking at each other.
Bride and groom kissing each other after Jaymala
Bride's entry for wedding
jaymala completed
Wedding ceremony of bride and groom
Groom applying sindur to the bride
Bride and groom looking for ring in rose and milk plate
The bride hides her face with her scarf and the groom is smiling looking at her.
Couple smiling after marriage
smile pic of couple
dancing and smiling couple looking at each other
happy ending